Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit (Pre-Release 1)

Long winded title, I know (It’s the full name of the DevKit).

I take it you’re wondering what the name “Pre-Release” means? Well, in comparison to earlier releases, which were “Beta” releases, this is stable* enough and complete enough to the point that I could publicly release this as the final product. This is what you will be seeing in this version:

  • 303~ Touhoumon Species. They go in order from Game, Printwork/Music CD, Other, and then VIVIT at the end. The DevKit is pulling heavy influences from Touhoumon Aqua + Yui Version, with very VERY trace elements from Another World. Only about 3 species from Another World made the cut, simply because they were needed. It features ONLY the Chibi-Normal-EX Evolutionary lines, and anything that doesn’t fit into those brackets (Example: Hosihzako – Mimi-Chan/Ruukoto)
  • All the Touhoumon Moves and Abilities* from 1.5
  • Maribel and Renko Overworlds and Trainer Sprites

I can’t think of anything else that this version has over the others. I shall have the full version released, hopefully, within the next 2 weeks.

It’s been a long time coming, we’re finally here.

– DerxwnaKapsyla

Download Links

Mediafire: Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit (Pre-Release 1)

* On Stability and Abilities: I need to go back over the scripts to see what Abilities aren’t fully added. Some got deleted when I was working on them and forgot to save them. Oops.


The Future of the Touhoumon DevKit

Alright, I’ve been thinking. The DevKit is too clunky, too… large. Not really large as in it’s too big, but it just feels like I’m throwing in too much.

Effective immediately, the current version of the Touhoumon DevKit is outdated. I should soom have a new version out, one that sticks to the basics. Basics such as:

– No extra evolutions, straight up Chibi, Normal, EX, and a few other things that don’t quite fall into that category.

– Movepool from Aqua + Yui, as that’s the MOST refined version of 1.5 there is to date

I’m also disbanding the idea of a series of Development Maps. There will be just one map with a few key things to note the features of the DevKit.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I feel this is what is best for the DevKit. I will include guides on how to add in your own content, such as Touhoumon and moves. I can’t really promise more than that.

I will post back with information at a later date.

DevKit and F&P ETA

Recently I was asked what the ETA would be on Faith & Prayer version. So, I decided to make a minor post about it here.

The DevKit, the current project – the Foundation – I aspire to have finished before Winter this year.

Faith & Prayer Version, if all goes well, I want to say between Late 2013 and all of 2014, with periodic releases of betas in-between.

Hopefully that gives people a vivid image of hat I want to do. Just remember, that information isn’t concrete, and is determined by the pace of my work.

Version 5 Info

DevKit Version 5 is coming along slowly, but it is coming along. I’m almost done with the TH06’s definitions. I haven’t worked on it much in the past few weeks because of school. I’m also taking a little break because of how burned out I feel. I’ll probably work on it some more after today and next week, as I have spring break next week.

Once again, I will reiterate myself: This blog and the DevKit are not dead and won’t be dead anytime soon.

Touhoumon DevKit Beta Version 4

I guess June came early, eh?

Yes, well, by that I am referring to an earlier post, where I said “Don’t expect Version 4 till June at the earliest”. What does this have to do with anything? Well my fellow people, as of earlier today, I have finished Touhoumon DevKit Beta Version 4! The features of this version are as follows:

  • Touhoumon Species Definitions – All the species from the PC-98 Era are defined and ready for deploying and combat.
  • One new trainer battle –  Remember the Yuuka test battle from the most recent video? That battle is still there for you to mess around with.
  • One new text speed – Instant. The reason for this was because “Fast” was just too slow, and “Instant” feels more like “Fast” should.

Now, moving on to discuss this version and the next a bit more. Version 5 will be the version that contains the Windows 1 Era species (TH06-TH9.5). That may take a bit longer than the last version, due to more games, and some of these have a bit more forms. However, I will not put an estimated throw up date for this release. After version 5 will be Version 6, which contains all the species from the Windows 2 Era (TH10-TH12.8). If you’re wondering why TH13 isn’t there yet, it’s because no Touhoumon game currently released in English has any stats on them yet. The sprites, however, are included in the graphics folder, for those who want to mess around with them.

Download Links:

Hopefully you all enjoy this version! I look forward to finishing the rest and publicly releasing this for everyone to enjoy! I’ll see you all next time.

– DerxwnaKapsyla