All updates have been going here for the past year. Please use the link provided in this post for all future updates. EVERYTHING ON THIS WEBSITE IS OUTDATED.


And we’re finished!

And with that, the last of my finals is finished and done. Thank the gods themselves, I was tired of being put under the stress of all these finals piling up. The term is now over, and that means just one thing – It’s time to resume work on the DevKit. I may throw up a Livestream of me working. If I do, you’ll hear about it elsewhere, it won’t be here.

Aside from all that, it feels good to finally be relieved of the stress that these finals have put on me. 2 weeks of freedom, and I plan to use every moment of it to my own personal advantage.

This IS a blog, after all…

Quick post before I march off to meet certain doom.

Finals week is almost over, and that finally means I can stop stressing about tests, quizzes, grades, and the sort, and I can start stressing over Sprites, Entries in text files, maps, and all that good stuff! Yeah!!

I see that people are coming here from the Touhoumon Support Forums, hopefully you all are interested in what you see; just remember, what you see right now is just the tip of the iceberg of things that I have planned. I have so many plans in store, it puts my old ideas to shame with how many plans I’ve accumulated in the past 10 months. Some are for the DevKit, and some are for Faith & Prayer Version. If you all stick around, hopefully you all will enjoy what you see.

That’s all for now. The next time you hear from me, I should have finished my Math Final, and I’ll be working again on the DevKit.
– Derxwna Kapsyla

Introduction and General Statement of Usage

Hello all. My name is Andrew, though you may refer to me as Derxwna if you wish.

Getting right down to business, this blog will mostly serve one purpose – to document my various projects that are going on, be it Personal, such as one of my stories or games, or even a project for School. I may post other things here as well every once in a while.

That being said, the next post will be a documentation post of one of my games, Touhoumon: Faith and Prayer Version.

And now, I hope you all enjoy your visit here!