Touhoumon: Faith & Prayer Version – Demo 3.1 Public Release


After a year of working on it due to Uncontrollable Circumstances, the third demo of Touhoumon: Faith & Prayer Version is finally completed, bug tested, and polished, and now finally being released to the public!

Demo 3 starts off at where Demo 2 ended, the Kanto Power Plant, and goes to Fuchsia City. It adds three new gyms (Celadon, Lavender, and Fuchsia), the next Team Rocket event (Safari Zone), and the next Rival Battle (Fuchsia City).

Before I address the change log, I would like to say one thing: You will need to start a new game – there is no getting around it. I have edited something in the Intro phase of the game that will be required for a later segment of the game. It’s not yet implemented, but a precautionary measure – better to have it now and force people to restart while we’re in Demo 2 than we implement it in Demo 10 and force people to restart that late into the game. There are a few other things which may break if you don’t start a new game, so I will restate what I said: YOU WILL NEED TO START A NEW GAME – THERE IS NO GETTING AROUND IT.

Another thing I want to address is: Read the Readme included with the game! I’m not writing it for my own benefit, as I know what’s going into the game. I write it to keep the user base informed on what was fixed from previous versions, as well as ways to get in contact with me if there are bugs. Heck, it’s even broken up into Table of Contents so you can skip to the section you want without scrolling. It’s for the convenience of you guys that I made the readme! Sometime after I release Demo 2, I got complaints about bugs and issues addressed in the readme – as a developer, the last thing I need to be is reminded about bugs I know exist when I’m the one informing you of their existence.

As per usual, before I post the link to the demo, here is the change log for Demo 3.

Anyways, I’ve hammered out a majority of the bugs that my testers have reported. When I finish, I will, very graciously, include a Master Bug List of what I fixed between Release Candidates, what is going to be fixed, and the sort. If you find a bug or inconsistency, please defer to this list to check if it isn’t already addressed there. If it isn’t there, please contact me with where the bug is, so I can get on fixing it.

EDIT: Demo 3 had a few critical bugs I didn’t know existed, so I fixed them and uploaded Demo 3.1. The Download link has been altered to link to 3.1 now.

Without further ado, I present to you what this post was all about:

Touhoumon: Faith & Prayer Version – Demo 3.1 Download Link


Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version – Demo 2 Public Release

Demo 2 of the game Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version has been finished, and is now available for public release.

The current demo release continues from where Demo 1 left off, at Pewter City, and goes to the Kanto Power Plant, where Demo 2 ends.

This post won’t be nearly as lengthy as the Demo 1 post, but it stands to reason that i should post the change log.

  • Fixed some minor bugs pertaining to text, tiles on the overworld, and the sort.
  • Opened up Route 3 to the player, allowing them to travel to Mt. Moon and onward.
  • Fixed an issue involving Evolutionary Stones not being able to be used
  • Added NPC houses to Pallet Town, Viridian City, and Pewter City.
  • Added the items within Viridian Forest.
  • Tinkered with the trainers and encounters on Route 1. Should be bit easier now than it was.
  • Added the Burn Heal to Viridian City Mart.
  • Added the Antidote, Awakening, Burn Heal, Parlyz Heal, Escape Rope, and Repel to the Pewter City Mart.
  • Changed the music within Pokemon Centers.
  • Fixed some music issues with inconsistent sound quality.
    * Not all songs have been fixed yet. Some are still forthcoming. Expect more music changes in later releases.
  • Minor modification to the Pickup Table. You should no longer be able to pick up Sun Stones, Moon Stones, or Heart Scales.
  • Added the ability to give the watering pail to the player. It’s in Viridian City, with the person standing in a small garden of flowers.
  • Minor alterations to Viridian City’s layout. Should be marginally easier to traverse.
  • Fixed some issues with the Town Map not showing the correct location of where you are.
  • After much blood, sweat, and tears, the gender icons now show up as Yin and Yang Halves, much like they do in 1.8 proper.
  • The route north of Viridian City, Route 2, has had some minor altering done to it. If you are currently saved on Route 2, please move off of it so you aren’t stuck on something that may have changed.
  • Pewter Museum’s NPCs will not show up unless you start a new game. I highly suggest starting a new one.
  • Various text strings have been changed to show Species-Neutrality.
    * I’m not sure if I missed any. If I did, please send me a message at one of the contact links below.
  • Silently added the Jukebox to the player inventory at game start. The Jukebox can play all the songs in the game.
    * NOTE ABOUT THE JUKEBOX: It will overide all other music in the game while it is playing. To disable, go back to the jukebox and press “(Default)”.
    * Icon forthcoming
  • Gave places with Automatic Doors a proper Sound Effect.
  • Changed the icon that the game uses on the taskbar and the launcher.
  • Minor changes to Pallet Town
  • Placed a demo-ending roadblock at Rock Tunnel and all currently accessable ways into Saffron City.
    * You are not allowed to advance into Rock Tunnel, Saffron City, Celadon City, or Lavender Town in this release.

While this isn’t a bug, i have not yet programed NPCs into the Vermilion City houses, and there are some item balls across the game that are not able to be picked up. I have not yet programmed in the items, that will probably come in a stealth release or Demo 3.

Screenshots and Videos:

  • Screenshots are coming soon
  • Video is coming soon.

Download Link:

Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version Demo 2

Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version – Demo 1 (Proof of Concept)

After a year and a half in the making, Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version is now at a point where it can be released for public playing and distribution.

The current release goes up to Pewter City, you cannot go out onto Route 3.


You play as either Maribel Hearn or Renko Usami, two females who are on a search across Monsekai, the Pokemon World, to discover why the Puppets have invaded, the rumors behind this mysterious alternate dimension, and how the both of them are connected. However, the questing won’t be easy, as corrupt factions from a decade ago — Team Rocket, Team Magma, Team Aqua, are all beginning to make their return, and embrace this new opportunity with the Puppets, and restart their plans for world domination. Your quest to find the Land of Illusions will be interrupted by Team Rocket, who seek to do the same. And as you do that, Team Magma and Team Aqua rise up from the depths of the earth and ocean, and begin to hatch a scheme to take all of Monsekai for themselves this time around. Will they be successful, or will they fall to the might of your team of Puppets?


  • Touhou characters, from Touhou 1 to Touhou 13, will all be obtainable within the game.
  • Some Pokemon will make appearances throughout the game. Either by protective trainers, special in-game events, or the Southern Continent Pokemon Preservation.
  • Being able to visit regions from Gen III and downward (Kanto, Johto, and Hoenn), as well as the ability to traverse the Land of Illusions, Gensokyo.
  • The game runs the Touhoumon 1.8 Mechanics, which means a different type chart (Provided with the downloaded), as well as the Physical/Special Split on moves.
  • A Mystery Gift system, which can be accessed as soon as the first town, with already accessable gifts.
  • There is a fully functioning Speed Button for the GBA-aholics here who enjoy their speed. To toggle the speed up, press the S button while there isn’t a dialogue box of sorts on the screen. Preferably on the Overworld. This cannot be disabled unless you repeat in the same manner.
  • Game progression is less linear than Pokemon proper. It draws more heavily from the Gamecube games than the actual handheld games. The gym challenge is optional, and the Elite Four is not the End-All-Be-All of the game.
  • Since gym badges aren’t required for game progression, the use of HMs is replaced with items that don’t require badges. Examples of such: An Axe for Cut, a Lantern for Flash, a Pickaxe for Rock Smash. 

Screenshots and Videos:

Gameplay Screenshots

Video: Gym Leader Miles battle

Download Link:

Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version – Demo 1 (Proof of Concept)

Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit – 2.0 Release Candidate 1

I have not abandoned this project, not at all. I’ve been busy both at school, and working on this when I was able to. The official release will be out when I finish the first demo of Faith & Prayer Version, but for all intents and purposes the base is done.

You may have noticed that “2.0” at the top. The reason for this is I have completely overhauled the original design. Instead of 1.5 mechanics, I’m running 1.8 mechanics. I’ll run across features and changes in the list following.

Mechanical Changes:

  • Touhou Characters from games 1 to 13 are all present, stats taken from Touhoumon Emerald 1.8 as a base. If you’re unfamiliar with 1.8, Evolutions work a bit differently. Things evolve once and only once, from Chibi into either a Normal form, or one of different possible stone evolutions. (CUtsuho – Utsuho; CUtsuho – Attack Utsuho; CUtsuho – Speed Utsuho).
  • Moves are taken straight from the 1.8 generation, as is the entire basis of this DevKit. Names use their Emerald 1.8 names (Instead of Dust Shot, it’s Gunk Shot). Physical/Special split is applied.
  • 1.8 Types are in this alongside the original Pokemon types. There have been issues in the past with replacing types, and since this is an expansion kit to the Pokemon Starter Kit, it would seem illogical and ill-advised to replace and remove all references to Pokemon – It would require much more work than what is needed to stabilize the kit after I removed all Pokemon entries.
  • Each Touhoumon has their respective ability, but due to renaming and minor reconfiguration in scripts. I will have new abilities and old abilities working simultaneously soon.
  • Egg Moves and the TM/HM Compatability list are finished.

Graphical Changes:

  • They remain the same as in version 1.0

Exploration Additions:

  • Due to the updates done to Pokemon Essentials, older DevKit maps have recieved a new change in look due to tileset changes. 
  • At Dilapidated shrine, there is a Black Triangle there which, when inspected, will take you to the Hoenn Elite 4 where you have the chance to battle them. The battle lineups are not completed, but the event works as intended.
  • Whatever changes that were made to Pokemon Essentials Version 10’s exploration are included in this.

Other Features/Overlooked Features:

  • I have changed the Credits a bit. They draw backgrounds from the 6 main starters of Faith & Prayer version, using their respective locations from the fighting games (Hakurei Shrine, Kirisame Household, Clocktower of SDM, Moriya Shrine, Margatroid Household, Bamboo Forest), and one shot of Gensokyo. I have also altered who was in the credits a bit.
  • Although very brief, there is the work on what I’ve done so far for Faith & Prayer Version. It currently goes up to Viridian City and is not intended to go further at the present time. The first demo will be playable up to Pewter City.
  • This is an important addition for all you GBA Emulator junkies: THERE IS A WORKING AND FUNCTIONAL SPEED BUTTON. To activate the Speed Button, simply press the S button while on the overworld to turn it on. It speeds up the Overworld, menus, and battles. Press S while on the Overworld to disable it.
  • There are text files included that elaborate upon certain mechanics of 1.8 (Egg Moves, Hold Items, Type Chart). These rsources are there for you to use as you will and come straight from Touhoumon Emerald 1.8

I believe that is everything that is featured and showcased in the Starter Kit. If you have any questions pertaining to the Kit, I would have no objections to answering them. Please remember to double-check before you report an issue, and that this is not a Pokemon Hack. This was designed for RPG Maker XP, so in order to use it, you will need to have downloaded and installed RPG Maker XP onto your computer. I will not respond to questions asking why it won’t run if you are trying to run it on Visual Boy Advance or any Game Boy Advance/DS/Android/iOS Emulator.

With all of that out of the way, here are the download links to the DevKit. Please remember to give credit to myself and the developers of Pokemon Essentials when using it.

Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit – Version 2 Release Candidate 1

Thank you for reading all this, I hope you enjoy the DevKit!


Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit

Yes, you read that title correctly. The Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit has reached full release, Version 1.0. I cannot say how much of a trek it was to get here, and how good it feels to finally have finished what needs to be finished.

Restating the features from Pre-Release 1.1, Version 1.0 has the following:


  • All Touhoumon from the various games and official works, barring 13 (At the present moment). VIVIT is also included. For those that have it, the evolutions work as simple as “Chibi-Normal-EX”.
  • Moves from the 1.5x era of games, extracted directly from Touhoumon Aqua + Yui


  • Icons for the Touhoumon, ported directly from 1.8. Some are missing, but the few that are did not exist in 1.8 games. 
  • Maribel and Renko are set as the protagonists; Their Overworlds, their Back-Sprites, Trainer Sprites, Map-Icon sprites. All are set in the development kit.
  • Backgrounds for the Continue Menu are changed – they alternate between a Yin-Yang orb and a Mini Hakkero.
  • The Title Screen graphic was changed to say “Touhoumon Essentials” instead of “Pokemon Essentials”
  • Some Touhou Characters have Overworlds and Battle Sprites. There will be more later on.
  • A mass of Overworld sprites were added. I can’t quite remember the source, but if I do, I’ll be sure to add it to the credits.
  • All of the Orbs from Touhoumon are included, but they do not replace Pokeballs. They are there for those who wish to use either-or.

Exploration Additions

A few new areas were added for the sake of showing off the DevKit. They are as follows:

  • Barrier Cave – It’s the linking maps between the Pokemon Essentials maps and the Touhoumon DevKit maps. You also battle 5 trainers there in order to gain access.
  • Border’s Edge Village – The main place where the Touhoumon DevKit will be featured. Currently mild, but will improve in later versions. Features the DevGym, and the first working example of a Hotel system.
  • Dilapidated Shrine – A wild battle area with an old Shrine. If you go up to the shrine’s door and examine it, your Pokedex will be upgraded to National Listing.

Other Features/Overlooked Features

  • Official Development Credits – You can examine one of the signs by the Pokemon Center in Border’s Edge Village and it will start playing them. (The song used for the credits is  童祭 ~ Innocent Treasures)
  • Flash Video Player – You can examine one of the signs by the Pokemon Center in Border’s Edge Village and it will start playing the flash video. The example flash is [S] Lloyd: Enter from a Homestuck fan-session.
  • The Pokedex now differentiates between Pokemon and Touhoumon. Everything that has an ID number beyond 386 in the Pokemon.txt file is classified as a Touhoumon.
  • Various instances of the word “Pokemon” were phased out for a more neutral pronoun (Eg. “Party”, “Species”, “Target”)
  • There is a VERY brief, VERY rough version of the intro to Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version. It does not advance past the Introduction phase of the game, and is not in a playable state. IT IS NOT DESIGNED TO GO ANY FURTHER AFTER IT SAYS “ACT 1”, AND WILL LOOP THE BATTLE WITH RED REPEATEDLY.

I believe that is everything that is featured and showcased in the Starter Kit. If you have any questions pertaining to the Kit, I would have no objections to answering them. Please remember to double-check before you report an issue, and that this is not a Pokemon Hack. This was designed for RPG Maker XP, so in order to use it, you will need to have downloaded and installed RPG Maker XP onto your computer. I will not respond to questions asking why it won’t run if you are trying to run it on Visual Boy Advance or any Game Boy Advance/DS Emulator.

With all of that out of the way, here are the download links to the DevKit. Please remember to give credit to myself and the developers of Pokemon Essentials when using it.

Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit – Version 1 (Mediafire)

Thank you for reading all this, I hope you enjoy the DevKit!


Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit (Pre-Release 1.1)

Quick release of a new version of the DevKit. Features are as follows:

  • Finished working on abilities. All should be working how they are supposed to be.
  • Fixed an error where Kaguya and EKaguya shared the same Index Number, which prevented the game from reading anything past Kaguya.
  • Fixed the numbering on the Phantasmagoria of Flower View and Mountain of Faith sprites and definitions so they were in proper order.

If you happen to come across any bugs or oddities, please inform me so I can fix them. Thank you in advance.

– DerxwnaKapsyla

Download Link

Mediafire: Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit (Pre-Release 1.1)

Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit (Pre-Release 1)

Long winded title, I know (It’s the full name of the DevKit).

I take it you’re wondering what the name “Pre-Release” means? Well, in comparison to earlier releases, which were “Beta” releases, this is stable* enough and complete enough to the point that I could publicly release this as the final product. This is what you will be seeing in this version:

  • 303~ Touhoumon Species. They go in order from Game, Printwork/Music CD, Other, and then VIVIT at the end. The DevKit is pulling heavy influences from Touhoumon Aqua + Yui Version, with very VERY trace elements from Another World. Only about 3 species from Another World made the cut, simply because they were needed. It features ONLY the Chibi-Normal-EX Evolutionary lines, and anything that doesn’t fit into those brackets (Example: Hosihzako – Mimi-Chan/Ruukoto)
  • All the Touhoumon Moves and Abilities* from 1.5
  • Maribel and Renko Overworlds and Trainer Sprites

I can’t think of anything else that this version has over the others. I shall have the full version released, hopefully, within the next 2 weeks.

It’s been a long time coming, we’re finally here.

– DerxwnaKapsyla

Download Links

Mediafire: Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit (Pre-Release 1)

* On Stability and Abilities: I need to go back over the scripts to see what Abilities aren’t fully added. Some got deleted when I was working on them and forgot to save them. Oops.