ChaoticInfinity Chatroom

So, I see a fair amount of people are visiting here – more than I expected and ever anticipated. I’m honestly surprised and honored that you all are interested in the work I’ve been doing enough, so thank you.

Anyways, that’s not the main reason behind this post. I’ve been meaning to make this post for a while, but haven’t due to distractions. I’ve current;y started up an official ChaoticInfinity Development channel. The links will be listed below. I shall be there 24/7, including when asleep, so don’t be afraid to pop on and leave a message for me, and I’ll try have an answer for you if or when you return, or if you just feel like hanging out somewhere for a while. I will draft the rules soon for the channel and attach them to an edit of this post. Hopefully you enjoy your stay there!

Srver and Channel Info:
Channel: #ChaoticInfinity

External Link – IRC Client Required (mIRC, XChat, Pidgin): irc://
Mibbit Link: Forthcoming