Touhoumon: Faith & Prayer Version – Demo 3.1 Public Release


After a year of working on it due to Uncontrollable Circumstances, the third demo of Touhoumon: Faith & Prayer Version is finally completed, bug tested, and polished, and now finally being released to the public!

Demo 3 starts off at where Demo 2 ended, the Kanto Power Plant, and goes to Fuchsia City. It adds three new gyms (Celadon, Lavender, and Fuchsia), the next Team Rocket event (Safari Zone), and the next Rival Battle (Fuchsia City).

Before I address the change log, I would like to say one thing: You will need to start a new game – there is no getting around it. I have edited something in the Intro phase of the game that will be required for a later segment of the game. It’s not yet implemented, but a precautionary measure – better to have it now and force people to restart while we’re in Demo 2 than we implement it in Demo 10 and force people to restart that late into the game. There are a few other things which may break if you don’t start a new game, so I will restate what I said: YOU WILL NEED TO START A NEW GAME – THERE IS NO GETTING AROUND IT.

Another thing I want to address is: Read the Readme included with the game! I’m not writing it for my own benefit, as I know what’s going into the game. I write it to keep the user base informed on what was fixed from previous versions, as well as ways to get in contact with me if there are bugs. Heck, it’s even broken up into Table of Contents so you can skip to the section you want without scrolling. It’s for the convenience of you guys that I made the readme! Sometime after I release Demo 2, I got complaints about bugs and issues addressed in the readme – as a developer, the last thing I need to be is reminded about bugs I know exist when I’m the one informing you of their existence.

As per usual, before I post the link to the demo, here is the change log for Demo 3.

Anyways, I’ve hammered out a majority of the bugs that my testers have reported. When I finish, I will, very graciously, include a Master Bug List of what I fixed between Release Candidates, what is going to be fixed, and the sort. If you find a bug or inconsistency, please defer to this list to check if it isn’t already addressed there. If it isn’t there, please contact me with where the bug is, so I can get on fixing it.

EDIT: Demo 3 had a few critical bugs I didn’t know existed, so I fixed them and uploaded Demo 3.1. The Download link has been altered to link to 3.1 now.

Without further ado, I present to you what this post was all about:

Touhoumon: Faith & Prayer Version – Demo 3.1 Download Link


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