Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version – Demo 2 Public Release

Demo 2 of the game Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version has been finished, and is now available for public release.

The current demo release continues from where Demo 1 left off, at Pewter City, and goes to the Kanto Power Plant, where Demo 2 ends.

This post won’t be nearly as lengthy as the Demo 1 post, but it stands to reason that i should post the change log.

  • Fixed some minor bugs pertaining to text, tiles on the overworld, and the sort.
  • Opened up Route 3 to the player, allowing them to travel to Mt. Moon and onward.
  • Fixed an issue involving Evolutionary Stones not being able to be used
  • Added NPC houses to Pallet Town, Viridian City, and Pewter City.
  • Added the items within Viridian Forest.
  • Tinkered with the trainers and encounters on Route 1. Should be bit easier now than it was.
  • Added the Burn Heal to Viridian City Mart.
  • Added the Antidote, Awakening, Burn Heal, Parlyz Heal, Escape Rope, and Repel to the Pewter City Mart.
  • Changed the music within Pokemon Centers.
  • Fixed some music issues with inconsistent sound quality.
    * Not all songs have been fixed yet. Some are still forthcoming. Expect more music changes in later releases.
  • Minor modification to the Pickup Table. You should no longer be able to pick up Sun Stones, Moon Stones, or Heart Scales.
  • Added the ability to give the watering pail to the player. It’s in Viridian City, with the person standing in a small garden of flowers.
  • Minor alterations to Viridian City’s layout. Should be marginally easier to traverse.
  • Fixed some issues with the Town Map not showing the correct location of where you are.
  • After much blood, sweat, and tears, the gender icons now show up as Yin and Yang Halves, much like they do in 1.8 proper.
  • The route north of Viridian City, Route 2, has had some minor altering done to it. If you are currently saved on Route 2, please move off of it so you aren’t stuck on something that may have changed.
  • Pewter Museum’s NPCs will not show up unless you start a new game. I highly suggest starting a new one.
  • Various text strings have been changed to show Species-Neutrality.
    * I’m not sure if I missed any. If I did, please send me a message at one of the contact links below.
  • Silently added the Jukebox to the player inventory at game start. The Jukebox can play all the songs in the game.
    * NOTE ABOUT THE JUKEBOX: It will overide all other music in the game while it is playing. To disable, go back to the jukebox and press “(Default)”.
    * Icon forthcoming
  • Gave places with Automatic Doors a proper Sound Effect.
  • Changed the icon that the game uses on the taskbar and the launcher.
  • Minor changes to Pallet Town
  • Placed a demo-ending roadblock at Rock Tunnel and all currently accessable ways into Saffron City.
    * You are not allowed to advance into Rock Tunnel, Saffron City, Celadon City, or Lavender Town in this release.

While this isn’t a bug, i have not yet programed NPCs into the Vermilion City houses, and there are some item balls across the game that are not able to be picked up. I have not yet programmed in the items, that will probably come in a stealth release or Demo 3.

Screenshots and Videos:

  • Screenshots are coming soon
  • Video is coming soon.

Download Link:

Touhoumon Faith & Prayer Version Demo 2