Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit – 2.0 Release Candidate 1

I have not abandoned this project, not at all. I’ve been busy both at school, and working on this when I was able to. The official release will be out when I finish the first demo of Faith & Prayer Version, but for all intents and purposes the base is done.

You may have noticed that “2.0” at the top. The reason for this is I have completely overhauled the original design. Instead of 1.5 mechanics, I’m running 1.8 mechanics. I’ll run across features and changes in the list following.

Mechanical Changes:

  • Touhou Characters from games 1 to 13 are all present, stats taken from Touhoumon Emerald 1.8 as a base. If you’re unfamiliar with 1.8, Evolutions work a bit differently. Things evolve once and only once, from Chibi into either a Normal form, or one of different possible stone evolutions. (CUtsuho – Utsuho; CUtsuho – Attack Utsuho; CUtsuho – Speed Utsuho).
  • Moves are taken straight from the 1.8 generation, as is the entire basis of this DevKit. Names use their Emerald 1.8 names (Instead of Dust Shot, it’s Gunk Shot). Physical/Special split is applied.
  • 1.8 Types are in this alongside the original Pokemon types. There have been issues in the past with replacing types, and since this is an expansion kit to the Pokemon Starter Kit, it would seem illogical and ill-advised to replace and remove all references to Pokemon – It would require much more work than what is needed to stabilize the kit after I removed all Pokemon entries.
  • Each Touhoumon has their respective ability, but due to renaming and minor reconfiguration in scripts. I will have new abilities and old abilities working simultaneously soon.
  • Egg Moves and the TM/HM Compatability list are finished.

Graphical Changes:

  • They remain the same as in version 1.0

Exploration Additions:

  • Due to the updates done to Pokemon Essentials, older DevKit maps have recieved a new change in look due to tileset changes. 
  • At Dilapidated shrine, there is a Black Triangle there which, when inspected, will take you to the Hoenn Elite 4 where you have the chance to battle them. The battle lineups are not completed, but the event works as intended.
  • Whatever changes that were made to Pokemon Essentials Version 10’s exploration are included in this.

Other Features/Overlooked Features:

  • I have changed the Credits a bit. They draw backgrounds from the 6 main starters of Faith & Prayer version, using their respective locations from the fighting games (Hakurei Shrine, Kirisame Household, Clocktower of SDM, Moriya Shrine, Margatroid Household, Bamboo Forest), and one shot of Gensokyo. I have also altered who was in the credits a bit.
  • Although very brief, there is the work on what I’ve done so far for Faith & Prayer Version. It currently goes up to Viridian City and is not intended to go further at the present time. The first demo will be playable up to Pewter City.
  • This is an important addition for all you GBA Emulator junkies: THERE IS A WORKING AND FUNCTIONAL SPEED BUTTON. To activate the Speed Button, simply press the S button while on the overworld to turn it on. It speeds up the Overworld, menus, and battles. Press S while on the Overworld to disable it.
  • There are text files included that elaborate upon certain mechanics of 1.8 (Egg Moves, Hold Items, Type Chart). These rsources are there for you to use as you will and come straight from Touhoumon Emerald 1.8

I believe that is everything that is featured and showcased in the Starter Kit. If you have any questions pertaining to the Kit, I would have no objections to answering them. Please remember to double-check before you report an issue, and that this is not a Pokemon Hack. This was designed for RPG Maker XP, so in order to use it, you will need to have downloaded and installed RPG Maker XP onto your computer. I will not respond to questions asking why it won’t run if you are trying to run it on Visual Boy Advance or any Game Boy Advance/DS/Android/iOS Emulator.

With all of that out of the way, here are the download links to the DevKit. Please remember to give credit to myself and the developers of Pokemon Essentials when using it.

Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit – Version 2 Release Candidate 1

Thank you for reading all this, I hope you enjoy the DevKit!