Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit (Pre-Release 1)

Long winded title, I know (It’s the full name of the DevKit).

I take it you’re wondering what the name “Pre-Release” means? Well, in comparison to earlier releases, which were “Beta” releases, this is stable* enough and complete enough to the point that I could publicly release this as the final product. This is what you will be seeing in this version:

  • 303~ Touhoumon Species. They go in order from Game, Printwork/Music CD, Other, and then VIVIT at the end. The DevKit is pulling heavy influences from Touhoumon Aqua + Yui Version, with very VERY trace elements from Another World. Only about 3 species from Another World made the cut, simply because they were needed. It features ONLY the Chibi-Normal-EX Evolutionary lines, and anything that doesn’t fit into those brackets (Example: Hosihzako – Mimi-Chan/Ruukoto)
  • All the Touhoumon Moves and Abilities* from 1.5
  • Maribel and Renko Overworlds and Trainer Sprites

I can’t think of anything else that this version has over the others. I shall have the full version released, hopefully, within the next 2 weeks.

It’s been a long time coming, we’re finally here.

– DerxwnaKapsyla

Download Links

Mediafire: Touhoumon Essentials Development Starter Kit (Pre-Release 1)

* On Stability and Abilities: I need to go back over the scripts to see what Abilities aren’t fully added. Some got deleted when I was working on them and forgot to save them. Oops.


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