The Future of the Touhoumon DevKit

Alright, I’ve been thinking. The DevKit is too clunky, too… large. Not really large as in it’s too big, but it just feels like I’m throwing in too much.

Effective immediately, the current version of the Touhoumon DevKit is outdated. I should soom have a new version out, one that sticks to the basics. Basics such as:

– No extra evolutions, straight up Chibi, Normal, EX, and a few other things that don’t quite fall into that category.

– Movepool from Aqua + Yui, as that’s the MOST refined version of 1.5 there is to date

I’m also disbanding the idea of a series of Development Maps. There will be just one map with a few key things to note the features of the DevKit.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I feel this is what is best for the DevKit. I will include guides on how to add in your own content, such as Touhoumon and moves. I can’t really promise more than that.

I will post back with information at a later date.


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