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Here, have some content in this dead sea of inactivity.



No, I’m not dead, nor is the DevKit. The blog is inactive because, well, I’m back in class. There’s not much to update with, as I haven’t done much work since the release of Version 3 – I’ve gotten a few species defined, but that’s about all.

Just keep an eye out, I don’t plan on letting this blog or the DevKit die anytime soon.

Touhoumon DevKit Version 3

And with this, I declare the third version of the DevKit to be finished and ready for release! It was a painful one, but it’s now actually getting into the meaty aspects of the DevKit.


  • Inclusion of all moves from Touhoumon 1.5, with the Physical/Special Split from DPPt
  • Reordered DevKit Pokedex

Now, let me explain these features a bit more, because there’s really more I need to say about them. The moves, like I said, all come from Touhoumon 1.5, due to the fact that every Touhoumon Hack are all based off of Touhoumon 1.5, with their own minor changes and adaptations. However, a key difference is that these moves are running with the Physical/Special Split that was introduced in DPPt, as well as Touhoumon 1.8. There is a problem, however; Because there was no way for me to figure out what was Physical or Special, half of, if not most of, the moves are all Stab-in-the-Dark Guesses at whether they are Physical or Special. If you download this and are skilled with this, please feel free to contact me for corrections, I’d really appreciate it.

Now, for the DevKit Dex, I reordered it for a couple of reasons, primarily for the people. Originally I was going to have the Touhoumon replace the Pokemon up to the end of the list, however that didn’t seem right, as the text files would show CMarisa as “CHARMANDER” under the Internal Name. However, what I did still ended up doing that, but this time it was by accident – I made the Touhoumon come right after Deoxys in the Dex Listing. When I realized what I had done, it was too late. It’s not that big of an issue as it would have been if I started from Entry 1 and worked my way down the list to Entry 411, so I’m okay with it. Now, for the Dex Entries, it goes in order of Game Appearance, then the Music CD, Print Works, then Unofficial characters. This will be the final listing for the DevKit.

The upcoming version, Version 4, shall be where things start clicking together. It’ll be the start of editing the species so they work internally. It won’t be all of them, though – it’d be a fools errand to do all of them at once without releasing anything in between. It’ll probably every 150 or so that I’ll do before releasing, making it about 3 releases before the end of the DevKit. Sadly, I wouldn’t expect Version 4 to be out till, at the earliest, June. Classes start soon, and because of the grades I got last term, I really need to buckle down and focus harder on classes.

The link to Version 3 can be found here:

Hopefully you all enjoy it, and I’ll see you all next time!

– DerxwnaKapsyla