Touhoumon DevKit Beta 2

Yes, you heard right. After constant hours of working in a 2 day period, near non-stop, Beta 2 is now finished and up for download! Links will be provided at the bottom of the post.

Main features in this beta:

  • All the Boneka that will be in the DevKit, sans the Ten Desires ones, are all set up for use. Some Pokemon are between the Boneka, but that’s because when extracting, those slots were filled with Vocaloids, and I didn’t want to include those.

The next beta will have all the moves from the various Touhoumon games in existence – this includes World Link/Another World, Aqua+Yui, Touhoumon 1.8, Insane Version, and any others I can find. I wouldn’t expect this one for a while, though. So don’t get your hopes up for a holiday release. But eh, who knows. Things do happen, right?


Adfly Link:
Mediafire Link:

You don’t have to click the Adfly link if you don’t want to, it’s there as my only source of income. Don’t feel obligated to click it.


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