Self Achievement 2 Unlocked: Extract ALL the Sprites

So, as the title says, I have extracted all the sprites from Another World/World Link. I have a total of 1021 sprites I need to finish converting to RPG maker Format, and then when that’s done, I shall have a Grand Total of 1625 sprites. Though, that number doesn’t seem right. I’ll probably go and recheck my math somewhere along the lines.

Anyways, I’ll start getting sprites from Aqua + Yui version sometime soon, maybe not till after Tuesday. After I obtain all the sprites I can get, I shall begin work on conversion. Hopefully, I should have all sprites finished before the 31st. If so, I’ll try and release it before the New Year.

Here’s hoping.

…No I totally didn’t just copy my post from Tumblr and put it here.

Edit: It’s 1624 Sprites, with 1020 extracted yesterday.


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