Upcoming events and “Obligatory” News Update

Okay, so here’s the schedule I’m looking at for the next few days and weeks.

  • Wednesday, all day, November 30th: Working on Speech Project
  • Thursday Evening, December 1st: English Final
  • Friday, all day, December 2nd: Working on Speech project
  • Saturday Morning, December 3rd: Speech project presentation and Final, Studying for Math Final
  • Sunday, all day, December 4th: Studying for Math Final
  • Monday Evening, December 5th: Final Studying for Math Final
  • Tuesday Evening, December 6th: Math Final, end of all classes for Term, resuming work on DevKit.
  • Sometime in the following weeks: Surgery, possibly.

If I deem myself bored enough, I shall work on the DevKit some more in this time frame. Right now, I’m focusing mostly on trying not to fail as many classes as possible, as per my lazy habits. I’ll try to release the second Demo to the Touhoumon DevKit before the 31st, but I make no solid promises.

Speaking of the DevKit (Which is now its new name), there’s going to be a few minor changes that may appear in Demo 2 or 3. The first change is I’m not replacing any of the Pokemon with the Touhoumon. They shall be conjoined together, side-by-side. The reason for this is so that way people can decide for themselves if they want their game to be Pure Touhoumon, Pure Pokemon, or a blend of both and whatever else they can concoct. This also makes it so that, in the Text File Entries, it doesn’t refer to “EX Marisa” as “CHARIZARD”, and it becomes easier to sort and organize. It’s also better this way because it’s possible to make multiple Pokedexes with different species in different Dexes, like how the Unova dex has nothing from the previous 4 regions, or how Hoenn’s has a blend of itself and the two before it. There will still be a “National Dex”, however that will probably contain all 800+ species included in the DevKit.

Another thing about the DevKit, I’m looking for some spriters to aid me on getting some sprites ready. I’ll be honest, I feel like a full-on thief for nabbing the sprites used in other Touhoumon games, but it’s all I have. I’d love if I could have some sprites replacing some of the ones I have now, as well as some new ones that currently have no sprites at all (Such as Meimu). That’s basically all I need right now when it comes to spriting.


I guess that’s all for now. Keep an eye out for potential future Livestreams I put up or any news updates.

– DerxwnaKapsyla


I’ve been doing some work…

…And I finished the first 151 Species for the Starter Kit. That’s a total of 604 Species Sprites finished out of a rough 1600. I want to take a break from the sprites, but they just keep calling. Also, I’ve come up with the ‘Dex information for the game. Currently, we’re sitting at 396 Species, so by the time it’s finished, there should be at least 440+. There will be at least 5 different type of Dex Modes added, if possible. Windows-Era, PC-98 Era, Special, Original Game Appearance, and New-National. This is mostly for organizations sake, for little clutter if someone wants something specific, that way someone doesn’t have to go shuffling around the dex for 5 minutes trying to find what they were looking for. As you can guess, they all will do what their name implies, but for explanations sake:

  • Windows Era: Only shows Boneka from the Windows Series of games (TH06-TH13)
  • PC-98 Era: Only shows Boneka from the PC-98 Series of games (TH01-TH05)
  • Special: This one isn’t as obvious. It shows all the special forms of the Boneka, such as Advent and Last, as well as the obtainable Pokemon in game.
  • Original Game Appearance: Shows all the Boneka in order of their appearance, such as Hakurei being first on the list, and Toyosatomimi no Miko being last. The thing about this version is, it’ll only show the Middle Forms, unless they appeared in Extra Stages, such as EX Keine (H).
    – Side note: I’m debating whether or not to include the actual EX Forms of EX Bosses and Mid-Bosses.  My logic is they don’t really have an “EX” Form, that’s their normal form. Mid-bosses are different stories, and Keine is only included mainly because when in Hakutaku form, she’s called EX Keine by the fandom. EX Rumia would NOT be included for the simple reason that Rumia is nothing more than a Stage 1 Boss, and her EX Form is Fanon-Only.
  • New-National: I can’t really use the old National Dex, mainly because that would involve me renumbering all sprites and putting them in the correct places, and that means throwing them all over the place and out of numerical order when I extract them. It makes the process a lot harder than it has to be. To keep it nice and simple, a New National Dex would be made, one that could be easily modified and worked with. This Dex will show all obtainable Boneka in the game, as well as the obtainable Pokemon.

So yeah, that’s what I’ve come up with in the past couple hours for Dex Construction and Organization. I can’t really take all the credit, the helpful group over at Saniwa Shrine definitely put me on the right track. I’ll keep the blog updated often with more developments as they roll in.

Also, finals are still a thing that exist, and they start this week.  I also have an upcoming Math test, one I’m not fully prepared for due to missing a day of class because of illness. I don’t expect to get any work done on any of this while that happens, but who knows; being as lazy as I am, I may put everything off to the last minute like I normally do.

Anyways, I’m out for now. See ‘ya all later.
~ Derxwna