Touhoumon Expansion Kit Beta Release 1

As the title says, I “finished” the first beta for the Touhoumon Expansion Kit. As it’s a beta, it doesn’t have many features implemented in. What it has are currently listed below:

  • The base outline for the first two Test Maps
  • Touhoumon replacing Pokemon 1 – 127
  • A few trainer sprites, plus Renko and Maribel’s sprites made into the Main Character.
  • A couple moves are programmed in, the rest are listed and commented out.
  • Only the first Touhoumon have set up stats. cReimu, Reimu, and EX Reimu. The rest of them up to 127 are only renamed.
  • Minor changes in music.

There’s also a few maps from my current game in-progress, Touhoumon: Faith and Prayer Version, but are unused for the most part. Feel free to do with them as you wish, as they probably won’t be there in the next Beta Release.

Here is the link to the download:

You will need RPG Maker XP installed to run the “Game.rxproj” file, which allows editing of Maps and In-Game events.

Also, I created an official page for Chaotic Infinity (Official name for this Development Group) on facebook. Link is here.

That’s all for now, until next time people.

~ Derxwna


Project 0 and 1: Touhoumon: RPG Maker XP Starter Kit, and Touhoumon: Faith & Prayer Version

First real post. Anyways

The first of the projects being talked about is actually two projects in 1. A Starter Kit for RPG Maker based off the Touhoumon series of Fangames, and a game that will use this kit to produce a game. I shall discuss more about these below.

Touhoumon: RPG Maker XP Starter Kit:
This is an attempt to port over all Touhoumon related stuff from the GBA versions – Moves, Sprites, and anything else possible – and incorporate it into RPG Maker. This is possible only because I am using the Pokemon Starter Kit for RPG Maker XP as a base. It will also come with another Testing map, specific mostly to the Touhoumon Expansion, which will have tutorials that explain how to do certain things in the Touhoumon/Pokemon Starter Kits in RPG Maker, such as setting up simple Trainer Battles, as well as how to establish a functional Lab and Rival. It won’t show, however, how to do things with the scripting language, at least not yet.

Touhoumon: Faith & Prayer Version:
This was an idea I had after I started playing my first Touhoumon game, but only recently began to act on. The game itself is based off of a piece of Fanfiction written by Lone Wolf NEO over at called “Touhou Puppet Play ~ A Viewpoint”. However, as it only is a Oneshot, 99% of the game is being thought of and established by me as its Canon – only a few concepts from the story are going to be reoccurring. It’s going to be done in RPG Maker XP, using the Pokemon Essentials Starter Kit as a base, with the Touhoumon Expansion Kit that’s currently in development by me as extra support. The game is nowhere near public release, but I have been uploading videos of my progression with the game to my Youtube account.  Such progress is the starting of the Act 0 Intro Cut scene, which is basically the entire Fanfic mentioned above.

I have many plans for F&P Version, such as Multiple Regions, the resurrection of Team Rocket, Magma, and Aqua, and I also plan for it to be less Linear than normal Pokemon games, where it tends to be “Go to Gym, obtain badge, beat Evil organization, repeat”. As it stands, only the Main Plot is advanced by defeating the Evil Organization of the region; the Gyms will become an arbitrary matter, and are completely optional. Gyms will, however, get stronger, and have a larger team, after you do certain things in the plot, as to keep the game balanced. and not have it be a Domination Fest. The Pokemon League in each Region is also a bit changed. Because all the gyms are optional now, this opens up a new way of getting to the Pokemon League. Taken from the Manga, players will have to defeat “x” number of trainers in succession in a sort of “preliminary” stage before they can advance to the Elite 4 Challenge. These trainers will work in the same way as the Elite 4, as you must battle all of them in a row without losing, however instead of 4, there are 8 – all representatives of the Official Gyms of the Regions.

And, yes. Gensokyo will be accessible. It will play a heavy role in the plot of the story.

Yeah, that’s all I have for now. Next post will be me posting pictures and videos of current progression. Till then, stay good Internet.

~ Derxwna

Introduction and General Statement of Usage

Hello all. My name is Andrew, though you may refer to me as Derxwna if you wish.

Getting right down to business, this blog will mostly serve one purpose – to document my various projects that are going on, be it Personal, such as one of my stories or games, or even a project for School. I may post other things here as well every once in a while.

That being said, the next post will be a documentation post of one of my games, Touhoumon: Faith and Prayer Version.

And now, I hope you all enjoy your visit here!